Finding a Job

Finding a Job

The process of finding a job can feel like a full-time job in itself, especially after an unexpected job loss. Searching through job listings is tedious, and a single job application can take up to an hour to complete. While job searching can sometimes feel daunting, it is immensely helpful to be aware of the resources available to job seekers.

The internet has made a huge impact on the process of job searching, making it an easier process in some ways and more difficult in others. Many fields have become increasingly competitive due to online job application methods, but the internet is also a great resource for finding ways to get a leg up on the competition. Whether you are actively searching for a new job or just looking at your career options, there are plenty of resources to take advantage of. Read the sections below to learn more about your job search options and how you can make yourself stand out as a candidate.


Having a good, professional resume is often the most important aspect of a job search. Employers receive many resumes from job applicants for a given position, and it is easy for a resume to get lost in the fold. A resume is the first impression an employer gets of an applicant, so it is important to have a good resume that showcases the experience or skills relevant to position.

Getting to the interview phase of a job application process always requires getting your resume noticed by an employer. Having a properly formatted and well-written resume is especially important when an employer uses a resume bot or an applicant tracking system to group candidates by their qualifications. These bots look for certain things in a resume, such as keywords, skills, traits and industry-specific words. As more and more companies begin to use these systems to track job applicants, it is becoming increasingly important to make resumes bot-proof.

A long with a resume, applicants should always provide a cover letter when submitting a job application. In larger applicant pools, applications submitted without a cover letter are likely to be disregarded, as this may come across as a lack of interest to the employer. Cover letters help employers get a better sense of who the candidate is, what his or her qualifications are and how that candidate could be an asset to the company.

Searching for a Job

Beginning a job search can be intimidating and can eventually become tiresome, as many job searches last several months. Searching for a job can leave applicants feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, but there are a variety of resources and strategies that help make the process manageable.

Before beginning a job search, it is important to prepare and get organized. Finding a job often requires networking, and it absolutely involves a lot of form filling. The best way to keep a job search on track is by documenting it. Creating a plan, sticking to it and monitoring all the steps in the process can simplify the search and help to keep track all the applications submitted and any contacts made while networking.

Another helpful resource to use during a job search is a recruiter. Job recruiters, or headhunters, are typically hired by employers to find qualified candidates for a position that needs to be filled. Connecting with a recruiter can help you get your foot in the door, as he or she can match you to a position and secure a job interview for you. Establishing a relationship with a recruiter can help you find the right job faster than searching for a job alone.

Job Interview

Getting invited to interview for a job is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking and stressful. Showing up to an interview unprepared can easily disqualify a potential candidate from a job. Employers want to see that a potential employee is ready and qualified for the position, and gauge the candidate’s attitude towards the job through his or her answers. Preparing for an interview is key in successfully answering any questions asked by the interviewer and in receiving a job offer. Using job interview resources is the best way to ensure an interview goes well.

The first step in preparing for an interview is to gather information on the role and the company you applied for. Knowing what is expected of an employee that holds the role you applied for can help you plan answers for the questions you might be asked. All interviews are different, but knowing commonly asked interview questions can give you an idea of what might be asked at your interview.

Job Placement Resources

Finding a job is difficult, but for some groups of people it might be even tougher. However, there are job placement resources available to help at any stage of a job search, no matter the circumstances. Veterans of the United States military have many resources available to help them prepare for a new career and find a job. The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) offers several employment programs and services through the Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO). These programs help veterans find positions they qualify for, such as jobs at VA and in the federal government. Other individuals, such as those who are disabled or were formerly incarcerated, also have job placement resources available to them. There are several government programs that help in the job searching process and place individuals in federal jobs. Many non-profit organizations also offer assistance through similar programs.

Part-time Jobs

For many in the United States, part-time jobs have become a primary source of income. For others, working a full-time job is not enough, and having a part-time job on the side helps make ends meet. Today, there are more options for part-time work than before. Seniors who have retired from their careers sometimes still choose to work part-time during retirement. There are many different kinds of part-time jobs that are great and offer many advantages to seniors, whether they are looking to supplement their income or simply wish to stay active. High school and college students also have plenty of part-time work options, even ones that offer flexible schedules or can be done from home.

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