Job Search Resources

Job Search Resources

Having a job is an extremely important part of American life, but if you do not currently have one, it can also be a stressful topic. And even if you do have a job and are thinking of making a change, it can sometimes feel as though job search resources are hard to come by.

However, finding a new job does not have to be too difficult, if you know how to prepare for it and utilize all of the best search methods. Although they are not always incredibly obvious, the most effective job search methods involve utilizing your time and resources efficiently, so that you can realize your working potential as soon as possible.

Why is it important to document your job search?

Simply submitting resumes and job applications to many employers is one strategy that many job seekers utilize, but there is often a way to do so more effectively. While it is certainly the case that getting your name into consideration with multiple employers is a good idea, it can be disastrous if you do not remember where you have already applied or forgetting to schedule or follow up with an interview. Therefore, it can often be a useful strategy to document your job search in some way.

There are many ways that you can go about organizing your job applications, but it is usually recommended to keep all of them in one place, and easily distinguishable. Many people decide to use spreadsheets in order to do this, as they can write multiple pieces of information for each application, including the position applied for, the date of application, when and where to follow up and more. You can also use simpler means of organization, such as keeping a notebook. Having a simple designated place to check up on all of your pending applications is smart, because it lets you keep notes that you can reference later when you finally receive the status of an application. Documentation is also important for anyone receiving unemployment benefits, as many unemployment offices require recipients to submit proof of job searches.

Additionally, it can be helpful for some job seekers to outline their day as well, in order to be sure that they get the right information in order. Being organized when you are looking for a job can help you get things done, and make sure that you don’t have to stress about too many job-related worries all at once.

Using the Internet to Find a New Job

When it is time to actually go about finding a new job, how should you begin your search? With the growth of technology over the last few decades, using the internet has made finding jobs easier than ever before. Of course, you can always go to a company in-person to see if they are hiring, and hand out your resume. But, why not save time by using that company’s online application method? There are a number of potential reasons to utilize online job application services, but the biggest reason is certainly convenience. By uploading your resume to a job board service, you can even apply to dozens of positions a day by making a few clicks.

Additionally, using job websites can help you find open jobs that are outside of your immediate area, or even niche and hard to come across. While some employers do not post on every job site, many try to so that as many qualifies candidates can apply as possible. But of course, there are also downsides to this application method. Namely, the relative ease of online applications has made it harder to stand out to a hiring manager or recruiter as there are more people competing with you for the job. While much of your job search should be devoted to doing your research, improving your resume and networking, using online services can be a great supplement to help you find a job.

How can recruiters help me in my job search?

Recruiters are business professionals that can help job seekers to discover employers that are looking for new, qualified candidates. They are usually paid by employers, who agree to pay them a certain amount once they have successfully placed a candidate with their new job. This means that while a recruiter will generally want to work with you to place you in the right job, you must also make it worth their time by helping them narrow down their selections and following through with their suggestions. Not all recruiter-candidate pairings work out, but if you maintain a positive and productive relationship with them, you can have the value of someone working with you to help find your dream job. This positive relationship can be especially beneficial later on, as you may decide to switch jobs again at a later date, and will already have an ally to help you in future searches.

The Best Tips for Your Job Search

No matter how you choose to go about starting your job search, there are lots of things that you can do to make the search smoother and more efficient. Some of these job search tips include:

  • Networking every day, and using your contacts. It perhaps does not come at a shock that most jobs come at least in part due to who you know. So, use the people that you know to your advantage by reaching out to them. Even if they do not know someone that is doing the same thing that you want to do, they probably know someone who knows someone else. Once you have a name and contact information for that person, try to sit down with them and figure out how they got to where they did. You may gain valuable insights from someone who has been there before, or you may even get a job offer.
  • Going to job fairs and conventions, and keeping business cards. If using your own network or using a recruiter is not producing the results that you want, you may just need to broaden your network. Job fairs and conventions are excellent way to do this, as you can meet a lot of employers and other job seekers who are in your field of interest. And even if you aren’t the right fit for an employer at a job fair, still give them your resume and take their business card, as you never know when they might be looking for someone with your qualifications, or you need to utilize their services in the future.
  • Understanding the importance of social media. We live in a very social world in our private lives, so why would you expect employers to work any differently? Maintaining a professional presence on your open social media platforms can be tricky, but it is essential if you are looking to get a professional job. Cleaning up your LinkedIn profile, as well as Twitter or Instagram, is an easy way to ensure that when employers inevitably look you up after receiving your resume, they get a positive impression of who you are.
  • Not neglecting your resume and cover letter. Finding the right position for your skills and experience is one thing, but landing an interview for that position is a different beast entirely. Keeping your resume clean, professional and up-to-date is a great way to always be ready for a new job opportunity that you would like to apply for. And once you have found that position, adjust your resume and cover letter to best match that position’s criteria to make sure that you have the best chance of being selected for an interview.

By utilizing these tips in your job search, you can get more productive, and start to see results as open jobs begin coming your way.

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