Eight Ways Facebook Can Help You Land (Not Lose) a Job

Eight Ways Facebook Can Help You Land (Not Lose) a Job

When most people think of social networking sites like Facebook, they may envision a platform where parents post about their children or political fights between online acquaintances. However, Facebook can also help you find a job.

Before the days of Facebook and other websites, job seekers would need to print and mail resumes to dozens of potential employers, or even seek help from job recruiters. In the world of Facebook, you can tailor how you use the site and your profile to land a job of your dreams. Before you log into your Facebook account to post funny pictures of you at happy hour, check out the below eight ways in which Facebook can help you get a job. If used correctly, your Facebook page can be a free tool that helps sell yourself to potential employers.

Turn your Facebook Page into a Resume

When Facebook was first created, only college students with a college-issued email address could use the site. Now, everyone from your 90-year-old grandma to your neighbor’s Chihuahua has a Facebook page, which may make you think that Facebook could not possibly help you land a job. However, if you know how to create a professional Facebook page, you can use it as an extension of your resume.

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What you need to know about Facebook is that job recruiters often browse the site looking for new candidates. While your page might list your top 10 favorite movies, you may be missing crucial details that would make a recruiter skip right over your page, like a history of your work credentials. When filling out your work history, you should also add a short description of your duties and your work accomplishments for each job.

Complete Your Profile

If you want to be searchable on Facebook, you must first make your profile searchable. Meaning, that you will need to complete your Facebook page by filling out every subsection under the “about” section. When completing your profile, be sure to add as much information as you can under the “Work and Education” subsection. To enable people to find your profile quickly, add as much information as you can, including where you went to school and your work history, as well as your professional skills. You may also want to include places you have lived and details about you that can be used to locate you in a specific search.

Use Facebook to Network

You may be used to using the Facebook search bar to look for old friends or distant relatives. What you might not know is that you can use the social media site to search for a company in the same search bar. By searching for a specific company, you not only might find the official Facebook page for that company but also a list of current and former employers. By networking on Facebook, you can gain access to a list of employees who work for a company you are pursuing.

Post Work-Related Content

As tempting as it is to repost humorous pictures or videos, you should avoid bombarding your Facebook page with unnecessary content. In its place, you should post updates about the accomplishments you make in your current job or internship and any news articles from reputable sources that relate to your industry. If you are currently seeking employment, you can post status updates about your job search and your career interests. When you update your profile regularly, you are keeping in touch with the people in your network, and are potentially expanding your network to include new people.

Follow People You Admire

When you tailor your Facebook page to be career-oriented, you will find that your “friends” also become more professional. By using Facebook strategically, be sure to “follow” people who you find interesting and who post significant content. You should also make sure to follow employees who work in companies that you wish to pursue, as well as recruiters and former coworkers.

Do Not Just Connect, Engage

When a professional friend of yours post something worthwhile, be sure to not only “like” the post but to also leave an insightful comment that could potentially start a conversation. It is easy to seek people and companies out on Facebook without engaging them, which can hurt your chances of using Facebook to land a job. When possible, get involved in discussions and show what you can bring to a company. By starting a conversation with your Facebook friends, you never know which doors could open. You also do not know when someone you follow will share a job opportunity to his or her page that is ideal for you.

Use Facebook to Look for Job Leads

Although you might not think of Facebook as an employment resource, it is a social media site that you can use to find job listings. By using Facebook’s groups, you can find people who add job postings in not only in your field but also in your geographic location. All you need to do is search your city and the word “jobs” to find Facebook groups that list job postings. When looking for jobs on Facebook, you can also search for companies you admire and “like” a company’s official page. Since it is becoming more common for companies to purchase paid Facebook ads to promote job opportunities, the quality of job leads on Facebook are becoming more reputable. Therefore, the next time that you log onto Facebook to connect with friends or look for entertaining videos, consider looking for jobs in your area. You may be surprised by the quality of leads.

Use Facebook Professionally

When you post something on the internet, it remains on the internet forever, regardless if you take the content down at a later time. If you plan to use your Facebook in a professional setting, then you need to remember only to post and share professional content. Therefore, on your Facebook page, you should avoid posting profanity, posting and sharing inappropriate photos and content, or talking poorly about former and current employers and co-workers. You never know who will stumble upon your page and who can be offended.

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