Tips for Dealing with a Company Shakeup

Tips for Dealing with a Company Shakeup

A company shakeup does not need to be seen as a bad thing as, by definition, a company shakeup is a change to the operation, structure or goals of a company.

Shakeups can help a company thrive and grow. Changes may be subtle or drastic. There are a number of reasons that a shakeup may occur, but it is important to remain calm, accept change excel in this crucial moment of your career.

While a company shakeup does not always mean that layoffs will occur, layoffs are a possibility. It is also not uncommon for a company to re-interview employees for the position that they have or a new position that may have opened up. During a shakeup, it is important to maintain your personal best, communicate with your supervisors and peers, stay calm and consider the benefits that a shakeup may provide.

Maintaining Your Personal Best Despite the Stress

While a company shakeup does not necessarily mean that there will be layoffs, it is natural to experience a great deal of stress during a shakeup at the possibility of the loss of your job. Change in itself can also create a great amount of stress if you do not like change or do not readily accept it.

If you are under a great deal of stress, you may let the quality of your work slide without even noticing it. This is a common mistake that is made by employees and management alike, even if there is assurance that layoffs will not occur. Yet it is important that you monitor your work and attitude in order to maintain your personal best throughout the shakeup. Failing to do so could, in the long run, hurt both you and the company.

Staying Calm in a Company Shakeup

As stated previously, the stress that a company shakeup causes can take a toll on your work and attitude, even if the risk of losing your job is an imagined one. This is especially the case when your peers share that anxiety, unease and stress. The dynamic of the work environment can quickly shift, which can cause more problems than benefits if the shift is not one that brings solutions to the table.

Furthermore, if layoffs may occur during the shakeup, having a poor attitude and aggravating the situation further could put you more at risk of being laid off. Instead, try to have a positive attitude and stay calm throughout the shakeup. Your peers and supervisors will notice this. After all, a positive attitude tends to bring about positive change and productivity. Rather than succumb to stress, stay calm throughout the company shakeup in order to show that you can maintain a level head under pressure.

Communication is Key

Information and communication can play a key role throughout a company shakeup. If you are concerned about your future role in the company or the type of changes that will be made, speak among your peers and to your supervisor. Information that you find should always be found within numerous areas of the company and it is important that you verify the information that you hear. Be careful not to spread any incorrect information and remember — try not to panic, even under the weight of the pressure and stress that a company shakeup provides.

Keeping an Open Mind and Reviewing the Benefits of a Shakeup

Very few enjoy the unknown. One of the worst things about a company shakeup, especially if management is not straight forward on expectations and layoff possibilities, is the unknown. Often times, it can be better to know than wonder, no matter what the outcome will be. Without knowing what will happen throughout the company shakeup and after, you may wonder whether or not you will keep your job, if your pay will remain the same or if you will need to commute.

One of the best things that you can do for yourself during the shakeup is to keep an open mind and remind yourself that a company shakeup can also lead to several benefits. You may land a different, exciting position, receive a pay increase as part of the shakeup or obtain that promotion you have been wanting. Often times, a company shakeup can provide employees with numerous benefits that may not be expected. Rather than worry about the unknown, try to keep an open mind throughout these changes.

Turning a Company Shakeup to Your Advantage

If a company shakeup involves adding to or changing the structure of positions within the company, you may be able to turn a shakeup to your advantage. If you have been interested in a leadership role in the company, it is worth knowing that the shakeup may present new job opportunities. Companies often look for people who can lead, manage and keep a level head even throughout times of change. By remaining positive, doing your best to continue producing quality work and you communicate your desire for leadership with your supervisors — the company shakeup could just be the best thing that could have happened for your career.

Bringing Solutions to the Table

During a company shakeup, it is easy to forget that your supervisor is likely feeling the same level of stress as you are. It can be easy for you to pile on a number of problems that you see in the workplace, management, morale etc. but it is a more powerful and invaluable thing to be able to offer solutions rather than more problems. While it can be helpful to identity problems in the workforce, it is recommended that you come up with a few suggestions for potential solutions before bringing them to your boss in these trying times.

Embracing Change

One of the most common mistakes that a person can make during a company shakeup is to resist change. These individuals are generally the same individuals who bring more and more problems to the table without offering any solutions. Change is inevitable in a company shakeup. It is strongly recommended that you do your best to accept and embrace that change as soon as possible. By doing so, you will be more likely to secure your position or advance in your career. Become engaged. Work hard. Jump in to projects and you will likely be rewarded for your efforts.

Polish Your Resume and Understand the Shakeup Process

During a company shakeup, a company may re-interview existing employees in order to determine whether or not the employee is the best fit for the position or if another position, sometimes even one of leadership, may be a better fit. Therefore, if you are interviewed again for your current position, keep in mind that this does not necessarily mean that you will be laid off. If you follow the tips that have been outlined above, you will be more likely to survive and thrive throughout the company shakeup process.

Even if you would like to stay where you are, it is important to polish and clean up your resume if you have not done so in quite some time. If you will be re-interviewed by the company, bring a copy of your resume with you to the interview. A polished resume can help you outshine your peers if you are looking for advancement. However, keep in mind that, while a resume can help, it will likely not have a greater appeal than the attitude, quality of work and work ethic that you have put into the company during these changes to the company.

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