Get Easy Access to Your Cash With FREE Debit Cards – Learn More

If you want to avoid credit card interest rates and fees completely, you can get a debit card today.

Debit cards work like credit cards, only without interest fees because you’re using your own money instead of borrowing from a creditor.

Debit cards are FREE or very cheap to use, and setting them up is easy. All you have to do is:

  1. Choose the best debit card for you. Check out different providers to see which option has the best perks. The Regions debit card and the Wells Fargo new debit card are two great options.
  2. Open a checking account online. You will need to set up a bank account to link your new debit card to. This is the first step to apply for a debit card online.
  3. Fill out a debit card application. Send in the form provided by the bank of your choice to have it reviewed for approval.

Interested in free debit cards? There are ways to make sure you don’t get charged ANY unnecessary fees. For example, many banks will let you avoid maintenance fees if you keep a certain amount of money in your account.


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