Five Tech Trends Every Worker Should Know

Updated on 05/25/2022

Five Tech Trends Every Worker Should Know

Technology can be found in nearly every industry, and with it the need to remain current on its uses. Innovations in the workplace require workers to be aware of the skills they will need to demonstrate.

In some cases, it is a matter of being aware of automation and its impact on your industry. AI adoptions will see more automation than ever in 2024. Will your job be impacted?

Most work environment experts agree there are five tech trends of which to be aware. Understanding and being able to use Cloud storage and features, 5G networks and implemented chatbots can be vital to most industries utilizing an online presence. Blockchain headaches still persist, but look for this to evolve in the next year or so, leaving those who do not understand its basics excluded from key positions. Use the following list of tech trends and see how they will impact your job.

1. Implementation of 5G

Currently experts state that 5G will break out into all industries soon. As the number of connected devices increases, the need for a broader, faster network arises. 5G will provide a network connection better able to handle the amount of internet traffic while providing a reliably fast service. With increased mobile speeds you will see an increase in cord cutting for cable customers. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will run faster with a larger more efficient network, creating a more reliable AI service.

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Large phone and tech device companies will be rushing to provide the newest 5G phones before competitors. There may even be increased augmented reality integration into the current apps you currently use. Better connectivity allows for a stable platform to handle the heavy strain of augmented reality. Innovations built upon these changes will be far reaching and industry changing. A key example is ride sharing apps, or the integration of voice activated devices cross platformed with the internet.

2. Overhaul of the Cloud

The cloud is projected to evolve into a hybridization of private, public and data center models. The Cloud has been a great way to store, share, and edit vast amounts of information with multiple people. This is one of the most popular collaborative tools in businesses and organizations. The Cloud is rumored to have different modes like private or public options, so you can finally decide what you want private versus public.

The biggest expectation for the Cloud is the idea of connecting Clouds to provide a better way to manage all of your different operations. For example, you may have an Amazon Cloud and Microsoft Cloud service. With multi-cloud integration, you could merge the two under a single multi-cloud and manage them both at once rather than having to visit one cloud and then the other.

3. Better Chatbots

Chatbots are expected to continue with upward trends in the market.  Consumers prefer to speak with chatbots rather than human representatives for services.  Frustrating early experiences with chatbots have led to improved AI interface. Some of these improvements include the progression of language processing and sentiment analytics.

You may find the next time you speak with a chatbot that it sounds a little less robotic and a little more human. There are other benefits to chatbots like instant replies and sometimes answers to complex questions a worker may not be able to answer. With these gains towards better chatbots, 2019 is predicted to see nearly 40 percent of large businesses adopting this technology by the end of the year. In most cases they will integrate into your workplace to work alongside you, rather than displace anyone from the workspace.

4. Scaling Back Blockchain

When Blockchain hit the markets back in 2009, it took over the world. Bitcoin was the first known service that included the idea of blockchain. Unfortunately, Blockchain has steadily lost support in the past decade, mostly due to confusion about what it is. The blockchain system is complex, difficult to learn, making it impractical for everyday people to use. Without any standard operating guide, you are left wondering how to get started.

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Blockchain is referred to as a digital ledger that records all business transactions through the network, providing changes that are public to users. When you pair Blockchain down to the barebones aspects, it utilizes crypto-technology, which has potential to provide secure methods for transactions. Unfortunately, right now, without a standard user guide and inability to support mass use of the network, Blockchain is on hold in many industries and has been put back into research mode.

5. AR Overtaking VR

Augmented Reality (AR) has started gaining traction within society as opposed to virtual reality (VR) in the past few years. When it first came out, virtual reality was groundbreaking, immersing users into a completely digitized world as though they were actually there. Unfortunately, limitations to VR led augmented reality to slowly begin overtaking it. Augmented reality is an overlay of digital graphics onto the real-world environment.

The best example of this is Pokémon Go. As you use your phone’s camera to see the environment around you, there are Pokémon that appear on the screen as though they are right in front of you. Google Maps also implements this interface, offering you an “On the Street” view. The crucial distinction for why AR has begun overtaking VR is that it has multiple applications that are possible.  VR in its current occupation, is difficult to market outside of videogaming.

More money in 2024 is allocated to the development of AR, which can revolutionize multiple fields. Examples of this are enhanced navigational systems to provide a route over a live view of the road, superimposing furniture over a space to simplify the purchasing experience, and even using 3D-AR projections of the brain to aid in surgeries. The possibilities for integrating AR into many industries seems endless and most workers will be touched by its implementation going forward.

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