Online research is one of the best ways to find higher education grants. Completing the FAFSA is one way to apply for grants, but it is best to look in other places for additional grant opportunities. Be sure to check the websites of schools, government entities and private foundations. As you begin identifying grant opportunities, be sure to record them and save the link to the application.

In addition to broadly searching for “college grant opportunities,” look for grants that are designed for students in your field of study. For example, if you are planning to study business or engineering, look for companies in these fields that offer grants for students who study these topics.

Where Should I Look for Higher Education Grants?
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Oftentimes, grants will be almost like competitions that award a grant to the student with the best submission. 

If you plan to study computer science for example, look for tech companies that offer grants to students who submit the best essay or have the right background and interests.

When looking for government grants online, make sure the website has a “.gov” in its domain name.    

Furthermore, be sure to look at different schools’ websites. You may even consider applying to the schools that offer the best grant opportunities to students. In addition to tuition assistance, colleges may offer grants that help with housing and other costs.

In addition to looking at a college’s grant page, also search for grants through specific departments at the college. For example, if you plan to study graphic design, be sure to check the college’s art department web page.

If you are a veteran or service member, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs has a number of resources you can consult for education grants like the GI Bill.

No matter where you look for grants, always be sure the grant is legitimate. Conduct research and reviews for any grant you plan to apply for.

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Updated on 01/08/2024