8 Careers That Are Projected to Have High Growth

8 Careers That Are Projected to Have High Growth

Love it or hate it, finding a good job can be difficult. There are a number of different metrics you may use when determining which job you should go for Availability, Salary, Proximity to your home and The love you have for a field. These are all valid ways of determining which jobs you want to train and apply for. Another important metric is job growth.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that average job growth will be from 5 to 9 percent between 2018 and 2026. If a higher number of job openings occur in the field, applicants will be more likely to find a position they can apply for. At the same time, slower-growing fields may be harder to break into.

This list will let you know which jobs are expected to have a higher-than-average growth in the coming years. The below careers are ranked from lowest-paying to highest-paying.

Home Health and Personal Care Aides

With an average salary of $23,130 per year, this occupational group is the lowest-paid on the list. However, it is also adding a higher number of jobs than any other occupation, with over a million new openings expected from now through 2026. There are already nearly 3 million jobs in this field, which makes this a good fit for individuals with a love for helping others. Generally speaking, neither a college degree nor previous work experience is required to be employed in this field. Many positions require only a high school diploma or equivalent education.

Bicycle Repairers

With an average pay of $28,390, bicycle repairers are employed in one of the lowest-paid occupations on this list. However, this job comes with a number of advantages. First, this occupation does not require any college education. In general, it is particularly well-suited for entry-level workers, since it also does not require previous experience. The main requirement is that you like hands-on work, as you will be required to solve many different sorts of mechanical problems as a bicycle repairer.

There is also a sales element to this job, which means it can be a good gateway into other sales positions in the future. 29% more positions are expected to open up between now and 2026.

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Solar Photovoltaic Installers

With an average yearly salary of $39,490, solar photovoltaic installation is a good potential career path for individuals who do not want to go to college. Individuals in this industry install and maintain solar panels, and the number of these jobs available is expected to more than double, with 11,800 jobs being added by 2026. This will be a 105% increase. No previous experience is required, as the required education is usually provided while working.

A related field is wind turbine technicians. These individuals are better paid, with an average yearly salary of $53,880. Open positions for this job are expected to almost double in number by 2026. However, it is a smaller industry, which means only 5,600 jobs will be added. If you can go to a technical school and you are not afraid of heights, this can be a higher-paying alternative to solar panel installation.

Fire Inspectors

Fire inspectors receive an average yearly salary of $56,670, which makes this a good position for individuals interested in emergency response. Only a high school education is needed in order to be an inspector, but this is not an entry-level position, and some employers may prefer someone who has an EMT certification or a degree in a science-related field.

You should expect to spend several years as a firefighter, gaining experience combating fires before you can properly assess an area’s fire risks. There will be an additional 1,400 jobs added by 2026, which translates to 10% job growth. This means the jobs will be accessible, but you will have to prove yourself as a firefighter first.

Genetic Counselors

Genetic counseling is a small but growing healthcare field that does not require previous work experience. However, it does require both education and certification. Those who want to become a genetic counselor will need a Master’s Degree and be board certified. The rewards for this are an average yearly salary of $77,480. This is a great position for individuals interested in genetics, as genetic counselors will be required to examine a patient’s genome and advise them on what health risks these genes may indicate.

The number of jobs in this field is expected to grow by 29% from now until 2026. This growth will only lead to an additional 900 jobs though, as this is still a small field.

Information Security Analysts

Individuals in this industry are well-paid, with an average yearly salary of $95,510. A bachelor’s degree is required for most positions, and some experience is expected. Most jobs will not require more than 5 years of experience in other tech-related fields. This industry is good for individuals whose mindset is both creative and analytical.

Analysis will be required in order to properly understand the systems being worked with, while creativity will be needed to predict the future tactics hackers may pursue in order to take down a computer system. This career is expected to grow 28% between now and 2026.


With an average salary of $103,010, mathematicians are the second highest-paid employees on this list. Individuals in this field are often expected to have a master’s degree, with rare exceptions only requiring a bachelor’s degree. Though the education requirements are high, work experience is less important in this field. Many people imagine mathematicians as working exclusively in academic circles, but the number of jobs in this field is expected to grow 33% from now until 2026, because they are useful for interpreting fast-moving data in both the public and private sector.

Statistics is a related field with a slightly lower pay, at $84,060.

Software Developers

A software developer’s average yearly salary is $103,560, which narrowly makes it the highest-paid profession on this list. Results are more important than credentials in this field, which means you usually only need a bachelor’s degree. Previous experience is usually not required. Instead, applicants will need to show that they understand programming inside out. Although some of these positions are competitive and highly coveted, the world’s ever-increasing reliance on computers means that this field will add 302,500 more positions by 2026. That 24% growth rate indicates that there will be plenty of jobs open to qualified candidates.

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