8 Best Careers for Retirees in 2021

8 Best Careers for Retirees in 2021

If you are just about to retire or are a recent retiree, then the idea of getting a new job likely seems ludicrous. While some retirees are happy no longer working, this does not apply for everyone. There are many reasons why retirees want to return to work, such as the need for maintaining a hobby.

These jobs are perfect for retirees who enjoy socializing or want to share their knowledge on a specific subject.

Many retirees enjoy working because it gives them an opportunity to get out of the house or because they need the extra income. Usually, this is for a specific purpose, such as saving up for a lavish trip or an upcoming holiday. Some retirees choose jobs relating to their previous work, while others want to try something brand new. Similarly, some retirees prioritize shorter, part-time jobs, while others are more comfortable working full time. Fortunately, there are no shortage of job opportunities to choose from for retirees.

Teaching or Consulting Jobs

Teaching or consulting jobs are natural fits for retirees. Retirees have years of work experience to share with the world. When it comes to teaching jobs, it is important to remember there are more options than just working in the school system. Many retirees do not want the additional work or stress from a traditional teaching job, such as having to grade papers for hundreds of students. Instead, they can lean towards smaller roles, such as teaching a local art class. These classes may be affiliated with a school or larger program, but do not carry the same responsibilities.

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Retirees who worked in a specialized field can make a lucrative living acting as a consultant. Consulting work is appealing for many retirees because it is expected to be at most a temporary job. Some consultants are only called in for a day or two at work to share their expertise on a specific area. There are even instances where retirees only go in for a single hour to deliver a speech regarding their past work.

Administrative Assistant

In many ways, retirees working as administrative assistants serve a similar role to consultants. Compared to traditional administrative assistants, retirees bring years of experience to the job. They are highly sought after as administrative assistants because they are already familiar with bookkeeping and account methods and know what it takes for a business to succeed. Some examples of administrative assistance roles include the following professions:

  • Secretaries
  • Receptionist
  • Information or general office clerks
  • Accountants

Another benefit of working as an administrative assistant is the schedule flexibility. Retirees who want a longer job often work as receptionists or secretaries. Part-time workers often act as consultants during busy financial periods, such as the end of a quarter or during tax season. Others cater to specific clientele, such as exclusively helping new business owners file all the necessary paperwork.

Nursing or Caretaker Jobs

Retirees often drift to nursing or caretaking jobs early in retirement. While these jobs are demanding, they are equally rewarding, and not just financially. Many retirees enjoy working caretaker jobs because it gives them a chance to interact with clients who need help. Those who do not want as many responsibilities as a nurse have other options, such as volunteering to spend time with elderly patients. More demanding jobs may require previous experience from the retiree, such as a bachelor’s degree or certification in medical training.

Driving Jobs

Retirees who are more concerned about getting out of the house and socializing often drift towards driving jobs. These jobs are good for retirees because it offers them a great deal of flexibility. Thanks to the influx of driving jobs through services like Uber, retirees can set their own hours and only work when necessary.

Those who are interested in higher-paying opportunities typically drift towards specialized driving jobs, such as driving a truck or a bus. These jobs do not have the same flexibility as a personal driver and often require some type of certification.

Crafting Jobs

Thanks to the internet, crafting jobs are accessible job options for those who have recently retired. Retirees who work as crafters are normally more concerned with pursuing a hobby versus making money from their crafts. They enjoy taking commissions because it leads to working on crafting projects they would not have considered on their own. Retirees who are already skilled crafters may be able to combine their love of crafting with a teaching job as well.

Gardening Jobs

Retirees who enjoy working outside do well with gardening jobs. These jobs are good for older adults because of the flexibility. Gardening jobs can be as simple as growing your own food or plants to sell at a local farmer’s market or something more involved, such as working at an outdoor store. While gardening jobs are physically demanding jobs, there is still some exertion necessary. This is something retirees need to be mindful of if they have any health issues.

Movie Theater Attendant

One of the reasons retirees enjoy working at a movie theater is the benefits. Seeing movies for free is appealing, especially if you are a movie buff who suddenly has an overabundance of free time. Working at the movie theaters is a good social job as well. The majority of theaters have flexible hours, which is perfect for retirees.

Cruise Ship Employee

Retirees who want many job options and enjoy traveling are well suited for a job on a cruise ship. The biggest benefit of working on a cruise ship is that you get to travel on the seas for free. Cruise ship employees rarely work the entire year, instead choosing specific periods where they want to work. If you want more flexibility, work for multiple companies. There are a wide variety of cruise ship jobs to choose from. Some of the most common examples for retirees include the following:

  • Housekeeper
  • Chef or restaurant server
  • Entertainer
  • Tour guide or teacher

Depending on your level of experience and how much you are willing to work, being a cruise ship employee is a fruitful career. Even less demanding jobs, such as a restaurant worker, often pay well due to generous tips from tourists.

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