Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

The popularity of part-time jobs has grown over the years, with more than 27 million people earning income from part-time gigs across the United States. Senior citizens make up a significant portion of this part-time population, earning millions of dollars every year. Seniors make up a unique group of part-time workers because of their specific limitations and preferences.

Unlike younger part-time workers, senior workers are more likely to be interested in part-time work that is not physically strenuous or that requires a great deal of travel. If you are a senior who is considering taking on a part-time job, weighing the pros and cons of this type of work is the first step you should take to figure out if this is the right choice for you. Once you know that you would like to give a part-time gig a shot, there are tons of options available on the market to choose from.

The Pros and Cons of Working Part-time for Seniors

For seniors considering part-time work for the first time, there are plenty of pros and cons to think about before accepting a position. Of the cons, seniors who have not worked in recently may become quickly stressed or fatigued by taking on 20 hours or more of work a day, especially if the job requires standing or moving around a lot. Seniors who receive some form of social security or disability benefits, it is important to look into how getting a job may impact your benefits status. Another important consideration for seniors interested in taking on part-time work is the type of jobs that may be available to them. Sometimes, available part-time positions that fit the needs of senior citizens are not as lucrative as a job-seeking senior may prefer, particularly in comparison to his or her previously full-time position.

On the plus side, getting a new part-time job means an increased income. Even seniors who receive some form of social assistance are generally allowed to work a certain number of hours a week to supplement their state income. The increased money can translate into a better standard of living, more travel, better gifts for the grand kids and more. Many seniors also note the benefits of having a good reason to get out of the house and interact with people in their communities. Especially if you can find a part-time gig that is aligned with your experience and your passion, working part-time can become an enjoyable social activity as much as it is a money-making endeavor. Along the same lines, having a job is a good way to feel productive throughout the day.

Part-time Jobs that are Great for Seniors and Retirees

Once you are sure that you would like to find some part-time work, the job hunt begins. While you should consider any sort of part-time job that fits your needs, here are ten jobs that are popular among senior citizens across the country:

Library Assistant

Many seniors enjoy picking up part-time work at their local library. Most community libraries work with volunteers or part-time workers and pay a median wage of about $12 and hour. Library workers can usually work flexible hours and spend lots of time chatting with visitors about their favorite literary classics. Some libraries may prefer employees with a higher education degree or some experience with database management. Seniors who like working with kids may particularly enjoy this part-time job.


If you have been called an expert at pretty much anything, you may be able to find a great part-time job as a consultant with a local business or organization or online clients. With this job, you can choose to work for someone else or manage your own clients on your own time. Pay rate for consultants can vary significantly, with some types of consultants earning significantly.

If you have been called an expert at pretty much anything, you may be able to find a great part-time job as a consultant with a local business or organization or online clients. With this job, you can choose to work for someone else or manage your own clients on your own time. Pay rate for consultants can vary significantly, with some types of consultants earning significantly.


Along the same lines, many seniors are perfect candidates for becoming tutors. Especially for seniors who have teaching experience, becoming a tutor may be a natural progression from a former career. You can choose to work with primarily children or adults, in-person or online. Tutors can earn a significant income from tutoring by the hour, with the median rate at $17 but with many subjects and geographical locations paying significantly more.

Gardener or Florist

Seniors who enjoy spending time in the garden or arranging cut flowers should consider becoming a professional gardener or florist. If you make sure to avoid any roles that involve operating heavy machinery, helping layout the design for someone’s backyard, tending to a garden of flowers or vegetables or otherwise working outside is an enjoyable part-time job. Job-seeking seniors with a knack for design may enjoy picking up some hours making flower arrangements at their local florist. This can also be a great way to give back to your community and take part in local events.


If you are good with words, there are tons of opportunities to start getting paid for your written work. Writing for a local newspaper or website is a great way to start for some seniors, while others begin by submitting posts to one of their favorite blogs or news sites. In most cases, writers can work as much as they want and when they want, often from the comfort of their own homes. Seniors considering this part-time position can earn a wide range of hourly rates depending on their experience and topic of interest.


Maybe words aren’t your thing, but numbers seem like a fun game to you. If you have some decent math skills and any experience with organizing financial records, senior job seekers can look into becoming a part-time bookkeeper or accountant. If you become familiar with the recent software used to track and organize financial information today, you may find that you already know tons of individuals or companies that would benefit from your bookkeeping skills. Depending on the type of clientele you choose, the median pay rate for accountants is about $18 an hour and the job typically allows workers a great deal of scheduling flexibility.

Medical Assistant

There are a lot of different positions in the healthcare industry that take advantage of the part-time workforce to fill many important supporting roles. Seniors with any experience in the medical field will almost certainly be able to find an administrative assistant position in a medical center or something more in-line with their specific area of expertise.

If you have no medical experience, plenty of healthcare offices will still welcome working with you to help check in patients, verify insurance information, answer telephones or emails, schedule appointment, input and process data and much more. While pay rates vary wildly based on your existing skill set and location, the median pay for supportive healthcare works is about $15 an hour.


Many companies and organizations hire counselors in one form or another to help successfully work with people both in the company and those clients or participants who come to it. Many mental health organizations offer free training for interested parties to become certified counselors for a wide range of important populations, including those on social assistance, with addiction or criminal issues, in need of youth and family aid, dealing with physical or mental abuse and many other extremely important public health areas. Hours may not always be flexible, but seniors who enjoy connecting with people and sharing important information about available resources often really enjoy working as part-time counselors.

Substitute Teacher or School Bus Driver

If taking on a set schedule of lessons and students does not work for you but you would still like to find a part-time job working with kids, becoming a substitute teacher or school bus driver may be the right choice for you. In most cases, you can contact your school district to find out about how to sign up for their substitute teacher or bus driver programs. Many school distrust keep a running list of available and qualified substitutes in the area and may call and request your services with very short notice. This part-time job won’t work for seniors who want a set schedule or who may not be able to work without significant prior notice.

Seasonal Worker

Most cities in the world change a great deal from season to season, often presenting new opportunities to residents looking for part-time or short-term work. Artsy seniors may enjoy finding part-time work at seasonal art festivals or pop-up galleries, or even working the concessions at an upcoming concert. Some areas post winter markets filled with mulled wine and gingerbread cookies, while others boast plentiful summer markets with tons of fresh fruits and flowers. Check out what seasonal events are happening in your area to have the chance at snagging a one of a kind part-time job.

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