5 Popular Careers to Consider in 2023

Updated on 02/13/2023

5 Popular Careers to Consider in 2023

An important consideration when you are thinking of a career is job security. Job security refers to how easy it is to find and retain work. 

There are lots of jobs that have limited availability and security. In these circumstances, you may be forced to find different work or move someplace where your job is in higher demand. 

If you want a job with good security, it helps to look at the industries with the most projected growth. These jobs are generally in high demand no matter where you are looking. 

Listed below are five fast-growing careers to consider for 2023.

Data Scientist 

Data scientist is one of the fastest growing careers in the U.S. Data science is a combination of mathematics and computer science. 

As a data scientist, you follow trends to predict business statistics. This is not only done by studying data, but also creating algorithms and using machine learning to follow trends. 

Data scientists provide businesses with essential information on which products and sales are most effective. Some of the sources they use include internal documentation like sales reports, but also figures from apps and social media feeds.

Nurse Practitioner

While there are many healthcare careers with excellent job security, nurse practitioner is one of the roles showing the most predicted growth in 2023. 

Nurses play a significant role in medical facilities, handling many of the day-to-day operations while also caring for patients. Some of their most common roles include educating patients on treatments, prescribing medication and interpreting diagnostic tests. 

They also collaborate closely with other medical professionals to come up with treatment plans for patients.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers share some similarities with data scientists. Both deal with business statistics, but a marketing manager takes all the information provided by a data scientist and uses it to create successful marketing campaigns. 

Because the job involves working with both research and marketing teams, communication and organization are both important skills for marketing managers.

Accountants and Actuaries

Both accountants and actuaries are expected to be in high demand for 2023. Both careers involve specializing in math. 

Accountants oversee sales reports for a company, reporting profits and losses, recording employee payments and tracking business purchases. They also manage filing financial documents.

Actuaries use financial statistics to predict the estimated costs and risks of new business. For example, if your company wanted to open a new branch, an actuary would come up with the costs and predict whether the new branch would be successful.

Information Technology (IT) Manager

With more businesses shifting to digital storefronts, IT management is an increasingly important job. 

The IT manager is responsible for all the teams managing computer and information systems in the company. This includes upgrading hardware and software, keeping networks running and updating computer security. 

IT managers also field support tickets and resolve digital and computer related issues.

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