2021 Tech Job Trends

2021 Tech Job Trends

The 2020 trend of controlling security systems, garage doors, speakers, lights, and even thermostats through network connections is stronger than ever for 2021. Artificial Intelligence (AI) software is becoming a normal part of everyday life as society strives to become more technologically efficient.

As 2021 progresses, the AI technology is only expected to increase and improve.

It is highly beneficial to learn about the major technology trends anticipated for 2021. Understanding the potential advancements and what role they can play in your life can help you decide which trends you want to support or avoid. There is no argument that the technology industry is on the rise, but not all trends survive long enough to integrate fully into society. Below are some trends that have garnered the most attention for the year of 2021.

Highest Anticipated Trends for Technology

There are a few tends that expected to hit the market in 2021, like increased automation and better AI systems. Below are some of the other groundbreaking advancements proposed for this technology in the coming year:

  • The return of Blockchain
  • Connected device expansion
  • Increased AI–human collaboration
  • Augmented reality integration into apps
  • Upgrades in cybersecurity
  • Research into the effects of technology on interpersonal relationships

Increased Automation

Increasing automation has been proposed in 2021. With more tools and apps available, increased automation can help streamline repetitive processes and raise efficiency. This allows you to focus on more important tasks that cannot be automated.

Blockchain Comebacks

Blockchain is a crypto-technology company that first emerged in 2009 with Bitcoin. One of the selling points of this company was that it was tamperproof, providing a safer network for transactions. However, Blockchain declined in popularity over the course of the last 10 years, with 2018 being one of the worst years for the company.

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2019 is projected to be better for Blockchain due to rumors of new applications and the emergence of offshoot companies. With continued research into crypto-technology, it is quite possible to integrate it into other areas of life, beyond just purchasing merchandise.

Increased Connectivity Speeds

You are most likely aware of the growing demand for internet connectivity already. In 2021, a sharp increase in connectable devices and faster connectivity is expected. With the number of devices that are used for daily tasks doubling, 5G connectivity may break out onto the market to combat the resulting bandwidth congestion.

Explosive AI and Augmented Reality Growth

The continual development and streamlining of technology will become the norm for 2021. Despite past missteps concerning the amounts of computational power available, the overall impression of AIs in the workplace is positive. As AIs are continually refined, you can expect to see increased collaboration between AIs and humans in the office.

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Augmented reality (AR) software allows real-life images to be integrated with simulations on technological devices, providing a highly accurate view of the world. A common example you may be aware of already is Pokémon Go, the app that was released in 2016.

Using AR technology, you are seeing Pokémon in the “real” world on your phone. However, this technology has the potential to cross over into more aspects of life than games. For example, AR projection of 3D organs can be generated to aid surgeons during surgeries. Similarly, military-issued gear using AR projections can be used to aid pilots.

Cyber-Security Expansion

With technology’s integration into society, concerns about security are at the forefront of discussions. You are constantly creating personal and professional accounts for social media, online shopping, and even filing taxes. Critical information is being managed through technology more and more, and in the wrong hands the damages incurred could be devastating.

To combat this, in 2021 there will be a strong push for increased cybersecurity to protect against potential attacks, as well as predict them. Through the use of AIs, cybersecurity is expected to become quicker and more cost efficient.

Interpersonal Relationships and Tech

Another important issue continuing to be addressed in 2021 is the social impact technology has on interpersonal relationships. Stories report an increase in antisocial behavior in correlation to the emergence of technology. Many studies are currently being conducted on the impacts of technology and possible solutions to the problem.

Tech Trends Proposed to Affect Consumer Markets

Some trends proposed to arise in 2021 will impact consumer markets significantly. Companies are gearing up to seize the most promising technology and optimize the consumer market experience. There are at least five tech trends that you want to be aware of as the new year begins, including:

  • Real-time health care data access.
  • Home automation advancements.
  • Enhanced IoT interconnectivity.
  • Consumer market AI implementation.
  • Digitization for increased productivity.

Health Care Innovation

The health care industry is expected to redesign the way in which you have access to your health-related data. New technological advancements will allow you to have a real-time view of your health and operational data all in a single view. Aims for health care technology in the upcoming year are to make it easier to view your own personal medical data whenever you choose to do so.

Increased Home Automation

Home automation has been on the rise in the past couple of years and is expected to generate exponential advancements in the next five years. You can already see the beginnings of home automation with the implementation of smart homes. At the touch of a button on your phone you are able to adjust temperatures or turn lights on and off, to name some of the many available functions. There are many benefits to automating homes like saving energy, lowering utility costs, and better home security measures.

AI and Customer Service

AIs are already projected to interact more with consumers in the upcoming year, and that includes your consumption habits. AIs are constantly fine-tuning recommendations based on purchase history in order to provide products most useful to your lifestyle. With the help of AIs it becomes easier to become informed and make the most rational decisions when it comes to purchasing items. The down side is that they can also capitalize on your impulse-spending habits too.

Going Digital

Digitization refers to software that is proposed to revamp how consumers obtain services and products. In 2021, it is expected that more traditional products will finally become digitized. Examples may include higher reliance on mobile banking, and online shopping. The consequences of this trend may cost people jobs but increase productivity overall.

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