Resume Design Ideas

Resume Design Ideas

Resumes are available in many forms and styles, and templates can be found all over the internet. There are so many options available that it can be overwhelming. A resume must be dynamic enough to sell your experience, talents and individuality.

It speaks to prospective employers about your values. It is an employer’s first encounter with you, and first impressions count. Resumes can be tailor made to fit the job you are applying for, and in most cases this is advantageous.

Specific job resumes quickly showcase your expertise in a particular line of work by cutting out unnecessary information and presenting your skills and experience in a pleasing way. One example is a resume for a graphic designer. This type of resume can serve the dual purpose of providing information such as education, work history and job-related skills, while also acting as a canvas, showcasing the applicant’s design capabilities at the same time. Resumes often contain the same information. However, how this information is presented can vary. This is where your creativity and presentation skills comes into play.

Using Headers, Multiple Columns, Sidebars & Footers for a Clean Professional Look

Put your name across the top of the resume in a professional but simple font, with a contrasting color as a background text bar across the top. A right-hand sidebar the entire length of the page can contain details such as address phone number, email and other contact information. This in effect creates a two-column format. The sidebar only needs be a couple of inches wide. The left side of the page can show a chronological work history.

Depending on the type of job you are going for, you can also go with a three-column format, each column flowing from top to bottom and left to right. Keep in mind that a template like this might be better for more creative careers. Headers at the top of your resume can be in the form of contrasting colored and bold fonts on a colored background. Start with a banner that is not too thick or bold.

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Embellishments such as framing and bordering can make your resume stand out. You can try this with only the front page of a multi-page resume for an introductory effect. Certificate borders can also add an official look. Emphasize certain parts of your resume with single- or double-lined borders or margins for text boxes to draw attention to a certain area and text on a page. However, avoid making pages too busy, and make sure you make your resume is appropriate for whatever position you are going for.

Fonts and Colors

Watercolor fonts look like they have been hand drawn or brushed in with a pastel watercolor paint. They can add a touch of refinement and are expected to grow in popularity throughout 2019. One example is Scarletto Duo. Experiment with font combinations. Using script fonts as headers for categories such as “About Me” and “Educational History” can add nice professional-looking touches, especially if the script header lies over a colored text box. The resulting text is black on white in a sans serif font.

Vintage fonts are regaining popularity and are captivating. Good for headlining and emphasis, they can add personality to a resume design. Baskerville Old Face, Parker and Cast Iron are but a few old style fonts available that can liven up a resume. When choosing text background colors, pastels are a wise choice. Cyan, magenta and pale blue colors are in line with current trends, whereas brilliant bold colors provide might provide unwanted contrast. Font colors likely to continue into next year include blue and violet hues, reddish and brown fonts on white backgrounds look nice. Be creative, explore contrasting and complementary combinations.

Using of Corporate Logos and Pictorial Icons

When listing your contact information, such as email addresses, phone numbers, website and Twitter handle, use icons to make the information stand out and add a touch of interest to your resume. You can use an envelope for your email address, a globe for your website, etc. If you have worked for MasterCard, you may choose to use the MasterCard symbol to mark the block of text describing your history with the company. As long as it is a recognizable symbol, it will add some interest to your document.

For the education section of your resume, use your college logo. Visual icons can complement textual descriptions in a clever and pleasing way. Software abilities can also be designated by logos, and the level of your expertise in the use of software can be designated by a series of filled circles or stars as a self-rating system, similar to how companies are reviewed by consumers on the web. For example, if you are an expert in Photoshop, you might want to include under your skills category, the Adobe Photoshop software icon followed by five filled circles or five stars, the top proficiency rating. If your knowledge of a programming language such as Python is intermediate, use three stars.

Images Often Say More Than Words

When designing a resume, consider placing a small to medium picture of yourself at the top of your resume, usually in the upper left-hand corner. The picture should look professional and should not include your pets or family members. Make sure you are wearing a professional outfit, and avoid a busy background. Depending on the type of job you are applying to, however, you may be able to make your picture slightly more creative. However, it is often better to err on the side of caution when applying to jobs.

Other Ideas to Consider

  • Use sideline vertical bars instead of bullets, and color them to match the general color scheme of your resume, unless it is in black and white.
  • Use direct quotes from your references that discuss your impact.
  • Experiment with using sidebars containing concise relevant information.
  • Use timelines to display notable chronological facts such as job history and education.
  • Create links to a personal website or portfolio by using a picture captioned with colored text.

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