Need a Job? Get Tips to Help You Build Your Resume and Search Job Postings

Although the job searching process can seem tough, there are some helpful resources to make your search less stressful and more effective.

Continue reading to learn more about how resume building services and job posting sites can help you land a job!

What Is Resume Building?

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Before you can get a job interview, you will have to spend some time resume building. Making a resume requires you to gather information about your past work experience along with related experience, like education and skills. Then, you organize it into an easy-to-read document that you can submit to potential employers.

To build your own resume, you don’t have to open up Microsoft Word or Google docs and start from scratch! Instead, there are tons of templates online to help you make a professional resume. Alternatively, you can use a resume-creating website, like LiveCareer resume builder or Zety resume builder.

To create a professional resume, be sure to look at examples of good resumes online. Here are some simple steps to help you build your resume:

  1. Select a template and word processor (like Google Docs) or a resume-building website.
  2. Write down all of the work and related experience information you need. Sections on your resume might include your qualifications, work history, volunteer work, certifications, accomplishments, skills and personal interests.
  3. Format the resume, paying attention to font size and font style.
  4. Proofread your resume.
  5. Make slight changes to your resume so that it is targeted for each job posting.

If you feel like you need help building your resume, you can get it! Click “Next” to learn more about resume building services.

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