How to Work Abroad

How to Work Abroad

If you are having trouble finding a career where you are happy, the problem may not be with your job, but where you work. Working abroad is primarily associated with younger employees who recently graduated and want to see more of the world. However, it is not only younger employees who can find opportunities to leave the country for work.

Working internationally has many benefits, both personal and professional. When you work internationally, you often end up earning more money than if you stayed in the United States.

You also have access to unique positions or roles which may be hard to find in the United States, but easy to find in another country. Finally, in your personal life, you get to experience a new culture and start your life over.

In any case, making the switch to working internationally requires significant preparation. You need to research where you are moving to while juggling international job applications and finding a place to live.

Depending on where you move and your current skill set, you may need to learn a new language. If available, consider joining a work abroad program to make the process easier. Finally, learn the unique benefits other countries provide for American workers.


Spain is a popular international work destination largely because of the language. Spanish is commonly taught in the United States, and most workers who speak another language are fluent in Spanish.

Tourism and hospitality are both popular industries in Spain, with many locations catering to American visitors. Because of this, bilingual American workers are highly sought after to oversee tourism and hospitality programs. Teaching English at public or private schools is another excellent job opportunity.

If you only want to work temporarily in Spain, consider applying for an au pair position. Au pairs are essentially live-in nannies. One of the benefits of being an au pair is you generally live where you work, so you do not have to worry about committing to a move and finding a new place to live.

You can experiment with living in Spain for a year as an au pair, then decide whether to return home or look for permanent work in Spain. Some of the most popular places for international workers in Spain include:”

  • Madrid
  • Barcelona
  • Valencia
  • Sevilla


In terms of job availability, China is one of the best countries for international workers. The downside is that moving from the United States to China is a large cultural change. Additionally, many employees have a difficult time mastering Chinese.

Luckily, there are plenty of job opportunities for English speakers, since many Chinese companies sell products to the United States. International cities, such as Hong Kong or Shanghai, are the best locations to find business or office work.


There are many job industries on the rise in Australia, making it a good choice for international workers. Another benefit of moving to Australia is that you do not have to master another language, although it is still worthwhile to learn Australian lingo to avoid confusion.

If you have traditional office experience and want to work abroad, Australia is one of the better countries to visit. Moreover, if you enjoy working outdoors, Australia has even more job opportunities. There are plenty of farms, ranches and cattle stations looking for new workers.

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Overall, Australian culture is laid back, alleviating much of the stress normally associated with moving across the world. The top destinations to work in Australia include:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Perth


Like Australia, England is popular for international workers due to similar cultures and not having to master a new language. England is relatively close to the United States, at least as far as international jobs go. If you plan on traveling back home to visit friends and families during major holidays, you cut down on travel costs by living in England.

Normally, international locations are ideal for educators because teaching English is always an option. However, as England has no lack of English teachers available, it may be more suitable for general subjects. This is especially true since locations like Oxford and Cambridge are home to world-renown universities.

England has a strong business sector. Journalism and the arts are popular jobs in large cities like London, Manchester or Liverpool. If you enjoy traveling, England offers access to the rest of the UK and continental Europe. Many companies in England do business in the United States, so there are typically good options for work abroad programs.


Italy is a highly sought-after country for international work because of the beautiful scenery and rich culture. Finding a job as an international worker in Italy can be surprisingly competitive, especially around famous locations like Rome, Milan and Florence.

Some of the top fields for international workers are business, fashion and food industry positions. The wine industry in Italy is booming, with many vineyards selling wine to restaurants throughout the world. If you have a marketing background, especially relating to the food industry, you have a much greater chance of finding international work in Italy.

If you want a temporary job, consider applying to an Italian summer camp. Keep in mind that getting a position at a summer camp is surprisingly difficult, since it is common for college students to apply for similar positions.


If you want to work abroad but stay relatively close to the United States, Mexico is an excellent choice. Depending on where you work in Mexico, you may even be able to drive back and forth between countries instead of boarding a plane anytime you want to visit friends or families.

Mexico has a strong entertainment industry, so marketing and tourism jobs are good choices for international workers. Many resorts employ bilingual employees, especially if the resort is located close to the United States border. Engineering and communication fields are popular in Mexico.

Mexico has a good reputation for more experienced international workers, especially if your resume includes managerial experience. Popular cities to work in include:

  • Mexico City
  • Guadalajara
  • Cancun
  • Cabo


France is a beautiful country with a reputation for producing some of the happiest workers. French culture places a greater emphasis on balancing your professional and personal life. If you are tired of taking your work home with you, consider applying for a job in France.

English is commonly spoken in France, but for the best results you are encouraged to learn French before committing to a move. Some of the popular cities to work are Paris, Lyon and Marseilles.

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